Our Vision

Our Vision

Music was the main reason why Pulse DJs was established. Our love and passion for music have always been our drive for everything we have done so far. And, this is also what we aim to provide each of our clients – great music and great party experience. 

We want to help create memories that can last a lifetime. We want to help you create new emotions and make you remember the best moments of your life. And, no better way to do that but by playing just the right songs for any type of event you are throwing. 

Through our wide collection of songs, we envision making every event we are tapped to do more exciting, fun, and enjoyable for anyone who will attend. And, to do that, we will create a unique playlist for all the parties we are hired for. So, whether you are getting married, celebrating a birthday, planning a corporate event, or having any kind of event, we ensure you that we have the tracks that perfectly match your party.

We also hope to make your party planning easier and simpler by offering you a one-stop-shop where you can hire some of the basic yet most important party necessities. With us, you don’t have to contact and keep track of multiple vendors. But, more than that, you don’t have to pay more people at a higher price. We are all you need and we will work closely with you to make your party the next big talk of the town!

What We Offer

Nothing gets people up on their feet, dancing, singing, and having fun than the right music. And, our professional DJs can surely do that for you. But, you don’t have to worry if that’s not the type of event you are planning. We can create a playlist especially for your event and match it with the mood you want to create. If you want a more chill and relaxed environment but still want your guests fully entertained, we are the guys for the job!


Doing weddings even before Pulse DJs was established, our wedding DJs are one of the most experienced professionals in Melbourne. So, each one already has the know-how on creating a romantic yet fun atmosphere for both the couple and their guests. Whether you want a smooth and heartfelt mood while sharing your first dance or a crazy and enjoyable vibe that would make everyone on their feet, our DJs can do that for you!


Our birthday DJ has all the songs for every age group. So, no matter what milestone you are celebrating – 1st, 16th, 21st, or even 50th – we can create the playlist that’s perfect for your party. With us, you can ensure that your guests will be well-entertained from beginning to end. And, together, we will give them a birthday party that they can remember for many years to come. 


Pulse DJs is also well-trained for more formal events. And, this is why we have corporate DJs who can create a special playlist for any type of gathering. If you are planning on hosting an awarding for your employees, a trade show, a grand opening, or an office year-end party, we are here to make it more exciting and fun! We believe that corporate events don’t necessarily mean serious and dull. Because, if that were the case, no one will look forward to attending. So, with us, you can achieve a party that’s one for the books and one that your guests will surely talk about even years after.


Our event DJs are capable of making any type of celebration magical. With the right music and great sound system, you can ensure that everyone at your event will have a great time. It is our vision to give you only the best party experience that you can ever imagine. 


We have local DJs that can cater to any type of event around Melbourne. Whether small or large, if you are organizing a local party and you want everyone having fun, we are your guys. We have the experience, equipment, mindset, and professionalism to pull off any type of event!

Going Beyond Our Vision

With our vision to give you only the best party experience, we have added additional services and people to provide you ease and simplicity when planning. We went over and beyond and now offer you one of the best photography and photo booth hire in Melbourne. You don’t even have to go anywhere else to make your party unforgettable and extra special!