Our Team

Meet the Team 

Pulse DJs consists of dedicated and dynamic individuals who love what we are doing. Each one of us aims to provide only excellent service, making sure to put our best in every event we are hired to do. We have some of the most experienced event managers, DJs, and photographers in Melbourne. And, we have the latest and most advanced equipment to back us up. So, with us, you can ensure that you are in good hands!

Whether you are throwing a birthday bash, getting married, planning an exhibition, a product launch, or a festival, we can help make it a huge success. To know each one of us and to get to know more about our roles and responsibilities, meet the team below!

Event Managers 

Once you send us a message, call, or try to reach out to us through our social media accounts, our event managers will be the ones who will communicate with you. They will promptly answer your questions and they will work closely with you from start to finish. Aside from that, they can help you choose the services that can match your taste, style, and budget. 

Currently, we have three people as our event managers. Every one of them is trained and experienced in the event industry. And, more importantly, they have great people skills. So, they know exactly the wants and needs of each customer. They also know well how to handle and communicate effectively with our clients, making sure that you will feel special and taken cared of from start to end.

Our event managers are the heart of our company and individually, they are people you can feel confident and comfortable talking with. They are very reliable and organized, keeping up and remembering every request from our customers. Furthermore, they will go above and beyond to help you meet your expectations. Rest assured, they won’t miss a call, message, or an email from you. And, they will answer your questions completely. 

Event DJs

Our DJs are one of the most experienced music specialists in town. Each one has his own expertise and they can create a unique playlist for every type of event. We have an extremely vast collection of songs that any of our DJs can use to achieve the mood and atmosphere you want. And, we have the perfect equipment to back this up.

We have seven passionate and dedicated DJs who each have their own style and taste in music. No matter what type of party you are planning, these DJs can certainly do the job. Our wedding DJ, birthday DJ, corporate DJ, local DJ, and event DJs have all the qualities you need from a professional. With them at your event, you can make sure that each of your guests will have a great time partying, singing, and dancing along with the tunes we play. 

Most of all, our DJs are goal-oriented. With their knowledge of music and their skills for making irresistible beats, they will stop at nothing to give you what you want and expect. Whether you are planning for a chill and relaxed environment or a rocking party where everybody is on their feet, Pulse DJs is your best choice!

Event Photographers

We have found the most talented and creative bunch of individuals in Melbourne for our event photography services. And, we are proud to say that each one of them has helped many couples, birthday celebrants, and corporate clients achieve the best photo possible from their special events. 

Our group of photographers is young and driven, and they have the eye for taking good shots. But, aside from their talent and skills, they also have the right attitude and mindset. They work hard, attend an event on-time, and deliver well on their promises. With them, you can expect beautiful and stunning images that will make you feel just as you did the moment the photo was taken. 

As of 2019, we have four professional event photographers who can capture the highlights of your party. Whether you want someone to be around you at all times and follow your lead or one who will take the shots on the sides without taking too much attention, Pulse DJs has the photographer you are looking for.

Photo Booth Attendants

We have five people in charge of our photo booth hire. They are responsible and hard-working individuals who have the know-how of manning our equipment. But, more importantly, they are friendly and approachable. So, you and your guests won’t feel awkward doing funny poses in front of the camera. 

With an attendant around when you book our photo booth, you can feel at ease knowing that someone can help and assist your guests with taking their photos. And, if a problem arises, he will be there to fix it. So, with us, there’s nothing to worry about!