How It All Started


Like every party service provider, Pulse DJs is a group of people who love parties. From college parties, birthdays to family events, we love them all. And, it’s also where we all met – at a house party in Melbourne. While we were enjoying the flowing drinks and homecooked meals, there was one thing we just couldn’t bear – the small Bluetooth speaker that’s playing the latest pop hits on YouTube.


While listening, one of us couldn’t help but mention his displeasure with the music and the sound quality around us. Another agreed… and then another. The next thing we knew we were talking about forming a company that could give everyone, including our friend who threw the party, great music and a high-quality sound system. 


So, that’s what we did. 


In 2014, we officially started up our own DJ hire business in Melbourne. Originally, there were just four of us. Individually, we have been struggling DJs working around the city, trying to land gigs on nightclubs and parties. We were all passionate about music and we have our own taste as well. And, each of us has a wide collection of songs of different genres. Then, we decided to merge all these together and ended up with an extensive library that’s perfect for just about any kind of party. 


And, after nearly 5 years into the business, our team grew and grew and so was our equipment and experience. To this day, we have been providing the best quality music experience in town, making sure that no party has to ever play songs out from YouTube and a little Bluetooth speaker. 


Moving Forward


After a few years into the business, we realized that we can offer more services to help our clients. From professional DJs, our team got bigger and included professional photographers too. So, aside from cheap DJ hire, we started to offer very affordable photography services and photo booth hire as well. This way, we can make party planning easier.


By offering you a single point of contact for at least three of the most important party additions, you can save time, effort, and most of all, money. You don’t have to go the trouble of talking and transacting with multiple party service providers. Plus, you can save big when you hire such services only from us. 


A Playlist for Every Party


Here at Pulse DJs, it has always been about the music. We got together thinking about how we can create a better music experience for every party and we know that to do that, we had to create a different and unique playlist for each party. Sure, to make our jobs easier, we can simply put together an all-round playlist with the most popular songs of all time. But easy isn’t the way we work and we know you don’t deserve that. You deserve only the best and that’s what we are about. 


It has been our mission from the beginning to work closely with our customers, making sure that our songs match their event. If you want a live and banging party where all your guests are on their feet we will create a playlist especially just for you. On the other hand, if you want a chill and calm event but still want great music entertainment, we have the songs for that too. With our extremely wide collection, we ensure to reflect the atmosphere you want no matter what type of event you are throwing. 


Get In Touch with Us Today!


So, now that you know us and have a little understanding of our journey, we would love to hear from you too. Tell us what you are planning and what you need, and we will work with you to make it a huge success. Have the best DJ hire Melbourne at your event and have everyone having fun and entertained with songs that you can all relate to and jive with. And, with our photographers and photo booths, you can have these moments captured and saved forever. 


Don’t settle for an “okay” party that your guests can just easily forget. Hire us and have that epic party that people would be talking about days, weeks, months, or even years after. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate, local celebration, or any type of event, our DJs can help you make it the way you have always wanted it to be!


Get in touch with us today and let’s create the greatest party together.